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  1. Kathy Jaconetti says:

    Hi there. Been looking through case law hoping to find an attorney who wont just settle but go to trial if necessary. Simply put, I am in Georgia. I am an attorney , single mom with a 9 year old with certain learning disabilities.
    As a result of fighting for my daughters IEP, and involving the school board who agreed we were entitled to specific accommodations, I was strongly advised by the principal that I was no longer permitted to speak with my daughters actual teacher ( new one I had yet to even meet since getting her assistance.) In fact, within 7 days of said meeting , I attempted to pick up my daughter early a few months ago and rather than call her to the lobby, the principal met me in the lobby and placed me in a room and hid my car keys while she ” see what the hold up was” . After about 15 mins, I spotted my keys and went out to my car and immediately called 911 to help get my daughter. Rather , I was advise by the dispatcher that I needed to wait at my home a few blocks away and an officer would be right there. However, approximately 35 mins later, I finally received a call from the police to return to the school and the police would meet me there. Instead, I looked up at that same time and my 9 year old was walking home alone from the bus stop. Approximately 50 mins later, the school allegedly contacted the police falsely claiming I had brought a gun on campus ( although it changed to I was coming back with a gun etc ) All this because they lost my daughter . Obviously they wouldn’t have put her home on the bus if they believed I was there with a weapon.

    Rather than lay on the sword, the police came, campus and local , and I let them search me and my car and the allegations were deemed unfounded by 4 pm However, the next day, Saturday, about 11 am DFACS came to my home while I was making breakfast and somehow the mobile crisis unit was called. Having no paperwork or reason why I was being taken to a hospital, I was 10-13 and my daughter was taken to a friends house via DFACS. This happened approximately 3 months ago and no one will return my call from DFACs. The mobile unit swears they have no information and the police report fails to state why I was removed ( and incurred thousands in medical bills, and caused severe trauma for me and my daughter) and for what? The police claimed to close the case however, the report states that the school campus police was investigating. This is just crazy. Thankfully I have surveillance cameras in my home and between the hipaa violations, the campus cop to my house on Friday and Saturday, the school sending out a message that there was no need for alarm and nothing took place on school campus the night before. Obviously, I need a lawyer . I’m terrified to send my kid to any school in Georgia. Please, if you know a trial attorney please advise . My kid is so scared of these people its not even funny. Advice? Lawyer ? Thank you,



  2. Jada Ellis says:

    I need help please get in touch with and i will explain everything to you maybe you can help me. I sure hope so.


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