GA Class Action Lawsuit

Against Child Protective Services, Dept of Family and Children Services in Georgia

In Georgia there are 159 Counties, as of June 2014 there are 523 cities. In January 2014 the state of Georgia housed approximately 7000 children in their foster care system alone. What I don’t know is how many of the parents of children in foster care have been terminated of their parental rights. How many parents have been wrongfully terminated of their parental rights. There have been a perpetual and ungodly amount of parents whose cases have been lost through Georgia family Court Systems.

The Social Services Gestapo
They’re out to take your kids and destroying families in Georgia and in many other states

CPS is utilized by family court officials and attorneys as an adverse tool to extricate children from one parent to the other, with reference to “parental alienation syndrome,” where in truth, the CPS caseworkers are the ones initiating the alienation of these children from their own birth parents. Caseworkers are never allowed to testify in court under the cloak of “CPS Authority” due to possible misuse or conflict of interest related to right to privacy laws (Very convenient)

CPS utilizes unlawful & coercive measures to persuade vulnerable parents to submit to statements of nonexistent abuse, forcing desperate parents to “plea bargain” to a CPS fabricated crime, for the return of their children from foster care.

CPS fabricates false allegations and most of their “investigations” to purposely mislead or misdirect a case.

CPS intentionally fails to prosecute Parents accused of child abuse, since in the majority of cases, no initial crime has been committed. However, CPS continues to claim a crime has been committed, as THEY abuse/neglect the children.

CPS knowingly abandons children into the foster care system, conscious that some individuals in these homes physically and/or sexually abuse those in their “protective” custody. CPS ignores crimes committed in foster care through failure to investigate.

CPS fails to question these individuals for their abusive conduct, whereby, if it were a birth parent or not a foster care parent, these individuals would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in criminal court.

CPS represent themselves in positive persona by omitting, altering, and falsifying documents, so as to mislead the public and or government of their true actions as listed above. Thereby publicly grandstanding, displaying an inaccurate social martyrdom for the well being of children.

The Police should determine if children need protection from their own parents, since child abuse is a Criminal offense.

We can and must coordinate our efforts! We need to fight back on issues like the destruction of families so states can qualify for adoption bonuses, and the drugging of children so adopters and foster parents can get more money out of the system. We need to tell them that “reasonable efforts” means REAL reasonable efforts to keep families together!

Are you with me on this? If you’re moved to volunteer, let us know by shooting us an email at, for more information about this suit. This is the beginning stages of this suit and we are currently looking for an attorney. Please bare with us at this time.
Paige Roberts

Unhappy Grammy

15 Responses to GA Class Action Lawsuit

  1. I am a reporter with 11Alive and would like to talk more with you about your efforts. Can you contact me?

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    • gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

      I would love to speak with you. Can you give me today to put together something ? Thank you so much this would mean a lot to parents who are fighting for their children. Me being one!

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  2. Mommy_of_5 says:

    I would love to have more information and/or discuss some aspects of a difficult CPS case with you. I believe my civil rights were violated and I was severely discriminated against due to being 1) a disabled parent, 2) having a stereotypical “mental illness” & being forcefully medicated for such said “mental illness” (per DFCS saying I had to or they would take my children for non compliance), 3) being a victim of circumstances a) having a difficult childhood myself & b) being a victim of PREVIOUS domestic violence. The list goes on, but these are just a few reasons. I am also unable to afford an attorney & I am also unable to find an attorney that will even consider taking a custody case involving DFCS. My children were placed in relative care and I do get to see them but both the relative and I want me to have custody returned to me. It has been almost 2 1/2 years since I have had custody of my children.

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  3. Nicole says:

    Hello my name is Nicole,
    I need to find out all the information i can about getting a lawyer to get my two kids back that are in foster care. I have been through 6 case workers and every lawyer that i have spoken to will not fight my case because it does not involve with domestic violence. My two kids are my whole life and they have been going through this for almost 4 years now i will get them back and being a single mother it is hard to stay directly on my feet but my kids always have clothes on their back plethra of toys and never went without food… PLEASE if any one can help me please contact my this dfcs system has ruined my life and all i want it my kids i will go more into detail if someone could conact me with any useful information dcs is threatening to give my kids up for adoption and i dont know what i would do with out them in my life… PLEASE email me @


  4. Jada Ellis says:

    My name is jada i need your help i live in cobb county dfcs had no reason to take my son


  5. Summer Cannon says:

    I am interested in being involved in this class action lawsuit. Please contact me….


    • gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

      I stopped the class action because I could not get all parents on the same page. Please contact me via email at The first thing I will have you do is to complete a declaration (document) – Send me an email where we can discuss this further. TIA.
      Paige Roberts/Parent Advocate for Family Rights


    • gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

      I stopped the class action because I didn’t have all of the parents on the same page – we an work together on putting together a complaint


  6. Mommy Love says:

    Paige, please contact me at

    Thank you!


  7. Dia Wolfe says:

    This is my case as well plz contact me


  8. Ashley says:

    Walker county took my kids and the judges and dfcs are violating so many things and they (dfcs and judge) are also violating my constitutional rights i need help

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