Family Preservation

Family Preservation and Support Services Program Act of 1993
P.L. 103-66


H.R. 2264
Enacted August 10, 1993
Enacted as title XIII, chapter 2, subchapter C, part 1 of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993

This title amended title IV-B of the Social Security Act.

Major Provisions of the Act
Encouraged States to use funds to create a continuum of family-focused services for at-risk children and families

Required States to engage in a comprehensive planning process to develop more responsive family support and preservation strategies
Encouraged States to:

Use funds to integrate preventive services into treatment-oriented child welfare systems

Improve service coordination within and across State service agencies
Engage broad segments of the community in program planning at State and local levels
Broadened the definition of ”family” to include people needing services regardless of family configuration: biological, adoptive, foster, extended, or self-defined

Defined services to be provided by the States:

Preservation services include activities designed to assist families in crisis, often where the child is at risk of being placed in out-of-home care because of abuse and/or neglect

Support services include preventive activities, typically provided by community-based organizations, designed to improve nurturing of children and strengthen and enhance stability of families

Provided grants to the highest court of each State to conduct assessments of the roles, responsibilities, and effectiveness of State courts in handling child welfare cases, and to implement changes deemed necessary as a result of the assessments [Court Improvement Program]

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