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Foster care fraught with private abuses, public excuses-2010

Written by: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Journalist Alan Judd In 2010, DFCS spokeswoman Dena Smith said the agency has added staffing and resources to improve performance in these areas and “we should see improvement in the next report.” In May 2014, … Continue reading

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What if you are falsely accused Part II: Legal Help

Written by William L. Anderson William L. Anderson Blog In the first part of this series, I pointed out that if the authorities falsely accuse you of a sex-related crime (or anything else), you should NEVER talk to the police. … Continue reading

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The Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program

Description and Purposes of PSSf (This is what should be done) Congress created and has continued to fund PSSf in response to concerns about the number of children in foster care and the effect of instability and lack of permanency … Continue reading

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Foster Care vs Family Preservation

The Track Record on Safety and Well-being At the heart of the criticism of family preservation is one overriding assumption: If you remove a child from the home, the child will be safe. If you leave a child at home … Continue reading

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GEORGIA STATUTE SUMMARY/Termination of Parental Rights

Adoption Child Welfare Law GEORGIA STATUTE SUMMARYTermination of Parental RightsAt the bottom of the following summary you will find a link that will take you to the Georgia state code website. The citations in the summary will aid in your … Continue reading

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Schaefer’s Law to be entitled an Act

I really want this to happen, has been a dream of mine for sometime now, and now I think we can get this done and have signed into law. Hopefully making this a reality. To make proposed S.B. 415 a … Continue reading

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Where are we today?! The state of Georgia (CPS-DFACS) Failed Terrell Peterson

My writing was inspired by Jane O. Hansen (writer for Atlanta Journal Constitution)   In 1996 we were introduced to Terrell Peterson, A 5 year old who was beaten to death by his siblings. This case brought controversy to the … Continue reading

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