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Foster care fraught with private abuses, public excuses-2010

Written by: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Journalist Alan Judd In 2010, DFCS spokeswoman Dena Smith said the agency has added staffing and resources to improve performance in these areas and “we should see improvement in the next report.” In May 2014, … Continue reading

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What if you are falsely accused Part II: Legal Help

Written by William L. Anderson William L. Anderson Blog In the first part of this series, I pointed out that if the authorities falsely accuse you of a sex-related crime (or anything else), you should NEVER talk to the police. … Continue reading

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Things AREN’T Always As They Appear To Be

Wrongful Death Case Against DFCS December 4, 2013 by Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. Our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers have followed the tragic news stories about the deaths of Georgia children and accusations that the state government is not doing enough … Continue reading

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Child Abuse And Neglect Need To Be Georgia’s Priority

April 7, 2014 by: Dick Yarbrough Dick Yarbrough is a Southern philosopher, political pundit and straight-shooting humorist all rolled into one. Seen weekly in nearly one million households throughout Georgia, his column is an artful mix of comedy and candor … Continue reading

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The Real Reasons for Child Abuse Deaths

It’s easy enough to see how people can leap to the conclusion that the deaths of children “known to the system” must be the result of “family preservation” or the federal law requiring agencies to make “reasonable efforts” to keep … Continue reading

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A History of Child Abuse

Laws regarding “cruelty” were first created for the humane treatment of animals on February 8, 1866. It was not until many years later that children were granted that same consideration. Child labors laws were enacted in 1906, but did not … Continue reading

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April 2014; Child Abuse Prevention Month

As you know, April is child abuse prevention month. I would have liked to return to the Governor’s mansion for another meeting speaking about Child Protective Services and thing we could do to fix the broken system here in Georgia. … Continue reading

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