The aggravated kidnapping and forced vaccination of baby Flint

On orders of Sumter County employee Alicia(Lisa) Coogle Rambo and Co-conspirators:
the Macon County, Georgia DFCS assisted by Richmond County, Georgia DFCS
and police employees
pediatrician Robert J. Cartie, MD and
numerous hospital medical staff at
the Joseph M. Still burn center
Doctors Hospital Owned by HCA in Augusta, Georgia
December 5th, 2012

4pm on December 4th, 2012
Around 4pm on December 4th, 2012 two year old Flint slipped into a depression [in the ground] in which leaves had been burned the previous day. The tops of Flint’s feet were briefly in contact with hot ash resulting in second degree burns. Flint’s father was about 15 feet away and quickly picked Flint up at the edge of the burn pit and took him to the bathtub inside. Flint’s parents immediately washed and cooled his feet with tap water, applied raw honey to the blistered areas, and loosely wrapped his feet with saran plastic wrap. Flint was in great pain; he was inconsolable for a while during which time he was given acetaminophen (for pain) and was breastfed by his mother. He was also bundled up to reduce potential shock. Also during this time, Flint’s father called the Coliseum Hospital to make sure they could handle/treat a burn victim. Within 30 minutes of being burned Flint was on his way to the Coliseum Hospital in Macon, Georgia.

The medical staff at Coliseum quickly saw to Flint’s injuries. The first nurse indicated to an individual who appeared to be a doctor, that they “had this one” and that his services were not needed. One of the medical staff washed Flint’s wounds as Flint’s father held Flint’s feet over a toilet. Medical staff then applied a silver ointment and wrapped both feet with gauze. Medical staff then indicated that Flint needed to be transported by ambulance to the Joseph M. Still burn center located in Augusta, Georgia. Flint, accompanied by his father, was taken from the Coliseum hospital via ambulance at approximately 7:00 pm to the burn center.

10:15pm on December 4th, 2012
Flint and father arrived at the burn center.

December 5th, 2012
Flint’s mother and grandfather arrived at the burn center at approximately 1:00 am December 5th, 2012. The family was told that the surgeon’s assistant would come in around 7:00 am to assess Flint. The family was further informed by staff that usually, within 20 minutes of case assessment the patient would go into surgery. Staff indicated that surgery usually lasted 20 to 30 minutes and soon Flint would be returned to their room and discharged later in the afternoon baring any complications. The family was educated as to the nature of the surgery (that that the burned skin would be removed and replaced with pig skin or cadaver skin). They were instructed that Flint could not ingest food or drink past 2am. Staff continued to check on Flint through out the night. He was breast feed at approximately 1:45 am by his mother.

7:30am – 8:00am December 5th, 2012
At approximately 8:00 am Brian Shirly, P.A. entered Flint’s room to assess his burns. Inside the room were Flint’s grandfather, Flint’s father, Flint’s mother, and Flint. Mr. Shirley unwrapped Flint’s right foot and indicated that the burns appeared to be second degree burns. He began explaining the surgery process as he partially and loosely rewraped Flint’s bandages. Mr. Shirley did not wrap approximately 18 inches of the bandage, but somewhat wadded them up at his feet on the bed, indicating that there is no need to completely re-wrap the foot because Flint would be going to surgery shortly.
As Mr. Shirley conversed with Flint’s parents and grandfather, pediatrician Dr. Richard J. Cartie entered the room and introduced himself. He began conversing with Flint’s father as Mr. Shirley explained the surgery to Flint’s mother. Dr. Cartie noted that Flint had not received any vaccinations and that “he (sic Flint) will now.”

Dr. Cartie proceeded to say that he required Flint to receive a Tetanus vaccination. Flint’s father refused to consent for Flint to receive the tetanus vaccine. Dr. Cartie indicated that Flint would receive the tetanus vaccine with or without parental consent. Flint’s father then told Dr. Cartie, “I will not consent to the tetanus vaccine for Flint and I am unable to provide informed consent given that I know little about this vaccine.” Dr. Cartie said, “One in four die….that get it (sic tetanus).” Flint’s father then asks Dr. Cartie, “Does this tetanus vaccine contain thimerosal/mercury.” Dr. Cartie replied “No” and said thimerosal had not been put into vaccines since 2005. Dr. Cartie continued by saying that, “You know there is no link between thimerosal and autism. The vaccine makers had to take it out because so many parents were making a fuss about it and causing problems.”

Dr. Cartie proceeded to say that he did not care about the family/parent’s beliefs. He confirmed this by saying, “I have had a Jehovah’s Witness’s child given a blood transfusion when the parents refused.” He then started discussing his opinions about various childhood illnesses that could potentially harm a child. He indicated that Pertussis could be very harmful or fatal for a young child, although he acknowledged that Flint was probably old enough to handle the illness without serious consequences. He also mentioned how terrible polio is and that he had seen a case himself..

Flint’s father then asked, “What is the incidence rate for tetanus?” Dr. Cartie responded, ” I do not know.” Flint’s father then asked Dr. Cartie, “How is it possible that a doctor does not know the incident rate of a disease that he is so adamant to treat?” Flint’s father then asked, “Is the virus (sic in the vaccine) attenuated? Dr. Cartie said, “This is bacterial not viral.” Flint’s father responded, “See there, I do not know what this vaccine is about.” Flint’s father asked, “what are the side effects and contraindications…” Dr. Cartie again responded, “One in four will die that contract tetanus.” Dr. Cartie then said, “He will get the vaccine.” Flint’s father then asked Dr. Cartie for the package insert documentation regarding the vaccine. Dr Cartie then said, “I do not think you want to know.”

Then Flint’s father said, “I will not consent to this vaccine and I cannot provide informed consent, at this time, anyhow.” Flint’s father asks Dr. Cartie, “Would you provide a written statement asserting that you will be personally liable for any negative outcomes resulting from this vaccination?” Dr. Cartie evades the question and does not answer the request.

Dr. Cartie then leaves the hospital room.
During this discussion between Dr. Cartie and Flint’s father, Mr. Shirley explained the surgical consent form to Flint’s mother which she signed. Mr. Shirley hung back for a few minutes as the discussion between Flint’s father and Dr. Cartie transpired. Brian Shirly then indicated that he needed to, “get this going” as he picked up the signed surgery consent form and left the room.

7:45 – 8am December 5th, 2012
From this point forward Flint’s father made at least three requests for the VIS or vaccine information sheet. Said request were made to Dr. Cartie, Donna Masters, and Nurse Kathy. The medical staff appeared to not understand what a VIS or package insert was. At one point, Flint’s father was provided with an information sheet printed from an online clinical pharmacology website. While he read this document, he again requested the actual VIS and had to repeatedly describe that he wanted the vaccine manufacturer’s information sheet attendant with the vaccine. It caused great concern that the medical staff did not seem to understand or appreciate these requests for vaccine information.

Nurse Kathy finally indicated that she was requesting info from the pharmacy. Flint’s father eventually received information entitled, “Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids absorbed USP”. Flint’s father was shocked to discover that this was not just a tetanus vaccine but actually two vaccines combined.
Flint’s father read the information provided and discovered the following: diphtheria and tetanus are extremely rare diseases within the USA. The vaccine does contain thimerosal which is 50% ethyl mercury. The vaccine information provided completely contradicted Dr. Cartie’s statement that the vaccine did not contain mercury. Additionally, instead of a 25% mortality rate (as quoted by Dr. Cartie), the document indicated a 21% mortality rate that occurred almost exclusively in adults above the age of 50. In fact, during one period cited in the VIS only 6% of tetanus cases occurred in individuals under the age of 20.

To be clear, Flint’s parents were never informed about the tetanus vaccine by any medical staff at any time nor was there any attempt to verbally inform the parents about this vaccine. The order for shelter care indicates, “The medical staff explained the significance of the shots and father refused the shots…” Note that Dr. Cartie indicated the need for only one tetanus vaccine shot. Dr. Cartie nor any other medical staff explained anything other than, “He will receive the shot.” and ” one in four die who get it.” Flint was force vaccinated with the tetanus, diphtheria, and tetanus immunoglobulin(TIG).
During this time period pediatrician Dr. Richard Cartie briefly re-entered the room to ask, “was the honey applied to Flint’s feet store bought?” Flint’s father replied, “The honey was my raw honey from the bees I raised.” Dr. Cartie then said, “you may have introduced botulism into the wound.” Fint’s father replied, “Well, that is a possibility, but highly unlikely.” Dr. Cartie agreed that it was a low possibility and then left the room not to return until just before Flint was kidnapped by DFCS workers. Of note is the fact that transmission of botulism via honey at a wound sight is nearly non-existent. Why did a doctor attempt to intimidate scare already traumatized parent’s with a possibility that is near non-existent? It is interesting to note that the Augusta burn center uses honey to treat burn wounds. The product that the Augusta burn unit utilizes is called “Medihoney”.

8:00am to 1pm December 5th, 2012
Flint’s father, by telephone, is asked by a female voice for Flint’s social security number. Father indicates that Flint does not have a ssn. Female on the other end of the line expresses disbelief and “had never heard of a child not having a ssn.” Father again states, “Flint does not have a ssn.” Father is then asked for his ssn. Father refuses to provide requested info.

At approximately 8:30 to 9:00am, Flint’s father requested a patient advocate. The patient advocate, Trisha M. Foster, came and heard Flint’s father’s requests concerning the doctor’s insistence on a vaccination that the parents were against. Flint’s father also indicated lack of faith in Dr. Cartie due to his lack of consultation and general attitude toward Flint’s parents. Trisha appeared to listen to Flint’s father’s complaints and indicated that she would see what she could do. In the end, Trisha provided no advocacy for the parent’s or Flint, and she was never seen or heard from again after this single meeting.

Flint’s parent’s and grandfather were given the expectation that Flint would be in surgery between 7:00 am and 9:00 am at the latest. Multiple times between approximately 9:00 am and 11:00 pm Flint’s father inquired as to the scheduling of Flint’s surgery. Between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm, Flint’s father asked Nurse Kathy when Flint would go in and that the surgery needed to be expedited. Kathy indicated that Flint’s surgery was being delayed due to the “vaccination issue”. Flint’s father told Kathy the vaccination dispute needed to be set aside, and that Flint’s critical burns should be treated asap. Kathy proceeded to tell Flint’s father that the burns were not critical in nature. Flint’s father told Kathy that the burns were second degree. Kathy told him that second degree burns were not critical. Flint’s father asked Kathy “what is critical?” to which she responded, third degree. Flint’s father then continued to insist that Flint be looked after immediately.

Flint was decidedly upset and uncomfortable at this point. The bandages on his right foot had unraveled almost completely by this time and were briefly dragging the floor as his mother was holding him, walking him, and attempting to console him. Flint’s father then escalated this issue to Kathy’s manager, Donna Masters. Near this time Donna came in to address Flint’s father’s concerns regarding Dr. Cartie and the surgery. Flint’s father proceeded to also express his concerns over the condition of Flint’s bandages. Donna inquired as to what he preferred she address first to which Flint’s father replied “the bandages”. Donna requested materials to change the bandage and did so. Donna left and returned approximately 10 minutes later and indicated that, “she had been told” that the surgeon was involved in another case involving a CEA skin graft. (This type of surgery is prolonged, but requires the growth of the patient’s own skin and must be a scheduled surgery). Donna again stressed that she, “had been told” this information as justification for the delay. Donna was very careful to write copious notes regarding these conversations. Maybe 20 minutes after Donna left this time, the surgeon showed up, and Flint was taken to the pre-surgery area.

At one point, the admissions director and Flint’s father went down the hall so that the father’s driver’s license could be examined. Father allowed the director to hold and examine the ID but not to make copies citing ID theft concerns. The director appeared satisfied with the ID then asked the father to sign a form. Father indicated that he had already signed this form. Director says, “You made many strikethroughts to the form you signed.” Father says, “I did not agree with all of the terms / conditions on the form so I struck through them.” Director requests that a form without strikes be signed. Father then indicates he will not sign this form. Director then asks father if Flint has medicaid. Father says, “No”. Director then indicates Flint may be eligible for medicaid. The only time Flint’s father showed his ID was to this director then later to Officer Wren after the legitimacy of said ID was questioned.

Flint’s surgery was postponed from 8am to approximately 1:30pm while the pediatrician, hospital staff, and hospital legal counsel spent enormous energy communicating with judge Rambo in Sumter county.  Parents understand that this occurred because Judge Rambo freely admitted and complained about the “hours and hours” of hers involved on that day.  Furthermore, when father asked nurse Kathy (in hospital at noon time) to expedite Flint’s surgery, she told him that the surgery was “on hold” due to the ” vaccine issue”.

It is intolerable that the medical doctors and staff would delay Flint’s critical burn surgery for several hours while legal consideration, regarding vaccination, was made priority.  Standard of care medicine for this kind of burn calls for immediate wound irrigation, debridement of skin, skin grafts, followed by wound wrapping.  In fact, it was only after Flint’s parents became adamant that his wound be addressed immediately regardless of the vaccination issue that the surgery finally occurred.    Also, of note is that at no point during his tenure as Flint’s “pediatrician” did Dr. Cartie ever look at Flint’s injury. He claimed the injury was a “dirty wound”, but never once inspected it to determine how well it had been cleaned prior to Flint’s arrival at the burn center. Rather he insisted upon a vaccine rather than even considering the possibility that his assessment of the unseen/unexamined wound might be inaccurate. Furthermore, Dr. Cartie long delayed further cleaning and debridement of the burn. Cleaning and debridement is the very best method to eliminate possible tetanus colonization.

1 to 2pm December 5th, 2012
Both of Flint’s parents went to the pre-surgery area with Flint. More information was taken, and Flint was prepared for surgery. While waiting to be taken to surgery, a large vial of penicillin was brought down and put by Flint’s chart. Parents questioned the reason for the penicillin, the response was, “I don’t know. That came from upstairs” (upstairs being the burn unit, not the surgical ward). Multiple staff looked at the vial/syringe questioning, and a number of them picked it up and looked at questioningly. The parents were never informed as to why this drug was administered.
While Flint was in surgery, Flint’s mother and father went to the waiting area. While Flint’s father and grandfather went to obtain something to eat (Flint’s parents had not eaten in approximately 24 hours), two DFCS workers arrived in the waiting room. The DFCS workers seemed very surprised to learn that Flint was in surgery and was receiving medical treatment. One DFCS worker then had to consult her notes at this point. Flint’s mother spoke briefly with these workers, but indicated that she would not answer any questions until Flint’s father arrived. Upon his arrival, Flint’s father and mother were questioned by the DFCS workers in the surgery waiting room. They asked if they were aware that Flint could potentially die if he was not vaccinated. Flint’s parents indicated that the incidence rates of tetanus are very small and that he would be much more likely to have an adverse reaction, possibly fatal, to the vaccine. The DFCS workers then reported that Flint could be taken from the parents if they (the parents) did not consent to the tetanus vaccination. When questioned about the threatening nature of the interview, the DFCS workers indicated that they were just relaying what they were told to relay by their supervisor. Flint’s parent’s indicated that the little information provided by the pediatrician (i.e. the thirmerosal content of the vaccine) had thus far been wrong. The parents further inquired as to whether the DFCS workers should be basing their investigation on the recommendation of a single pediatrician. Consent was not provided for the tetanus vaccination at this time under threat of “legal” kidnapping by agents of the state of Georgia.
The two DFCS workers briefly leave at which time Flint’s mother and father were directed to a nearby room by an armed security guard. Upon entering this room they saw an armed Sheriff’s Deputy (Officer Wren) and the hospital head of security. Neither Flint’s father nor mother have any idea what is going on at this point. They were surrounded by security personnel who began questioning if they were actually Flint’s parents. “We have no proof that you are his parents, you are just saying you are.” At this point Flint’s mother became quite upset. She reported that she had a child injured in an accident, the child was in surgery at that moment, the severity of the injury was still not completely certain, and now she is being escorted by police and questioned by DCFS and now by the police as to whether she was Flint’s mother. She asked if they wanted blood for DNA, or if they would prefer she express some breast milk since she was still nursing Flint. She questioned whether Officer Wren had children and if he could prove he was their father at the drop of a hat. Officer Wren related a story of how his daughter made accusations that resulted in a DFCS investigation of his family. He indicated that he had to “just go with the flow” and let them do their job. At this point, the head of security of the hospital indicated that there had been a question as to the authenticity of Flint’s father’s identification. He specifically reported that someone “thought it might have been tampered with.” Flint’s father asked Officer Wren, “Am I under criminal investigation?” Officer Wren reported that Flint’s father was not under investigation. Officer Wren requested to see the driver’s license. Flint’s father indicated that he did not want to provide ID unless he was under criminal investigation. Officer Wren persisted in his requests for Flint’s father’s ID. Flint’s mother asked officer Wren if providing ID would alleviate their concerns. At this point Flint’s father provided his driver’s license. Officer Wren held and looked at the ID for a few seconds and returned the license to Flint’s father saying, “Thank you.” During the course of this “inquisition,” Donna Masters entered the room, as did the two DFCS workers. The DFCS workers asked Officer Wren if the identification looked okay and he reported, “there is nothing wrong with that ID.” Flint’s mother looked at both the head of security and Donna Masters and said that this whole thing is a “witch hunt.” At about this time, the door was opened and the surgeon was outside with Flint’s grandfather. The surgeon told Flint’s parent’s that he was doing well and could probably be discharged, but due to the lateness of the day, he might not be discharged until the next morning.

2pm to 8:30 pm December 5th, 2012
Flint returned to his room after surgery around 2pm. He was quite swollen in the face and especially around the eyes. His parents were told that the swelling was due to anesthesia or sedation. Flint was not brought a meal during this time nor was one offered.
At some point during this time frame Father asked Donna Masters to have the hospital’s COO (chief operating officer) or CEO to please visit him. Donna indicated that this person would visit today or tomorrow. The COO or CEO never showed up. Also at some point during this period, Flint’s mother went to the nurses station to ask the nurse to come look at a rash on Flint’s arm. Upon coming toward the station, Flint’s mother interrupted a conversation that involved Nurse Kathy and an unidentified African American woman in business clothes whose comment was, “It didn’t have to go this far…why didn’t they just agree. . . ” to which Nurse Kathy nodded. The conversation was abruptly ended as Flint’s mother approached. In retrospect, she believed this conversation concerned Flint’s situation, which was apparently the “talk” of the entire hospital—so much for patient privacy.

8:30 pm December 5th, 2012
At around 8:30pm nurse Julie Lewis and an armed officer entered Flint’s room. Julie indicated that Flint would now be vaccinated. Flint’s father indicated that he did not consent to this procedure. Julie said that she had a court order mandating the vaccination. Flint was now in state custody according to court order. Flint’s father asked to see the order. Flint’s father read the order and gave it to Flint’s mother to read as well. Flint’s father then asked the police officer if she would shoot him if he attempted to protect his son. The security officer, appearing very uncomfortable, looked at Julie and refused to answer. Then Julie looked toward the officers in the hall and indicated that the first officer was not carrying a gun. Julie stated again that Flint was now in state custody and that his mother and father could either leave without Flint or stay with Flint as long as they agreed to not flee with him. Of course they agreed to stay with Flint.
At this time Flint’s parents were commanded to either give Flint to one of the medical staff or to hold Flint while he was vaccinated. Flint’s father looked into the hall from the room and to see two fully uniformed and fully armed police officers along with several medical staff. Flint’s father felt that his life, as well as his wife’s, father-in-law’s, and Flint’s life were now being threatened by the burn center’s medical staff and armed officers. Nurse Julie Lewis asked him, “Have you ever seen a child with tetanus. Flint’s mother then asked Nurse Julie Lewis, “Have you seen a child with tetanus?” Nurse Lewis said, “I’m asking him (sic Flint’s father).” Flint’s father responds, “No, I have not seen a child with tetanus. Have you?” Nurse Lewis responded, “No”.
After continued discussion by Flint’s mother and father, Nurse Lewis indicated that she was “not discussing this anymore. It is a done deal.” Flint’s mother said she wanted to be with her child while he was poisoned and questioned where they needed to go. The family continued to be completely surrounded by both security personnel and medical staff. Flint’s father took Flint from his mother as he was becoming quite agitated and upset. Flint’s mother told nurse Lewis that he did not need the extra trauma of either the vaccination nor the confrontation to which Lewis indicated, “he is just feeding off of you” as if the medical staff’s role in the entire debacle was nonexistent.
Flint’s parents and Flint then walked to another room, a “treatment room” that was stuffed with extra items and appeared to be no more than an extra storage area. Escorting Flint and his parents into the room were police officer Wren, nurse Julie Lewis, and nurse Terrell. Flint’s father stood holding baby Flint on a table as medical staff prepared to force vaccinate Flint. Nurse Terrell indicated that he needed further clarification as to exactly what procedure he was to perform. It appeared that Terrell was given two vials and was confused because the court order indicated one tetanus shot. Terrell left this room for 30 minutes or so. Long enough for Flint to fall asleep as his father held him. During this time Flint’s parents spoke with both Julie Lewis and Officer Wren. Terrell came back and force vaccinated Flint in one leg with the Tetanus / Diphtheria vaccine and the other leg with the Tetanus Immune Globulin shot. Flint loudly screamed and writhed in pain/shock while Flint’s father held him firmly. The forced vaccination occurred with the armed officer Wren, Julie Lewis, and Terrell as witnesses and participants. At all times Flint’s parents were unwilling and non-consensual to have this vaccination procedure done on their child. To be certain this procedure was performed under maximum parental duress and fully without parental consent informed or otherwise.
Parents also noted that only two syringes were seen during the forced vaccination procedure. According to the information entitled “Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids”, “EPINEPHRINE INJECTION (1:1000) MUST BE IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE SHOULD AN ACUTEANAPHALACTIC REACTION OCCUR DUE TO ANY COMPONENT OF THE VACCINE.” In the event Flint had gone into shock, epinephrine would not have been immediately available.
Flint’s parents made multiple mentions regarding Flint’s cold / flu and his respiratory distress. According to the information entitled “Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids”, “Immunization should be deferred during the course of an acute illness.” Flint had a fever days earlier with an ongoing cough in addition to two second degree burns. Flint’s father indicated to medical staff that the cumulative nature of Flint’s illness and burns should preclude vaccination. Said concerns were dismissed by medical staff on multiple occasions.
Please note that tetanus and diphtheria vaccine has no controlled scientific study to prove the safety and effectiveness of the tetanus/diphtheria vaccine. Evidence for the vaccine comes from epidemiological studies which do not satisfy the rigorus criteria for scientific proof. In essence, Flint has been forced to participate in an experimental procedure. Furthermore, the TIG shot VIS(vaccine information sheet) per the manufacturer reads, “Pediatric Use: Safety and effectiveness in the pediatric population have not been established.” Furthermore, no long term studies have been performed to determine the mutagenic or carcinogenic potentates for the vaccines which Flint was coercively given.
A short discussion on perceived medical inconsistencies:
The concern appears to be that Flint may have incurred a tetanus infection due to his burned feet.  Tetanus colonizes anaerobically. An ideal environment for tetanus would be inside a puncture wound. If this puncture wound was deep enough then the risk of a tetanus conducive anaerobic environment would certainly be high. Such a wound should raise concern for tetanus colonization. However, in Flint’s case there should be very little chance of tetanus colonization given the wound was entirely exposed to the atmosphere. Flint’s feet sustained 2nd degree burns. At no time did Flint’s feet get dirty with the exception of light wood ash(and highly alkaline). Flint was picked up immediately and taken to running tap water were his feet were were well cleaned. At this point the left foot indicated blisters while the top of his right foot indicated a compromised epidermis. Again, this wound was well cleaned and exposed to the air until raw honey was applied. No anaerobic conditions existed regarding these wounds at this time. However, Flint’s wounds may have developed an environment conducive to tetanus while additional irrigation and debridement was delayed for five hours by Dr. Cartie.
If Flint had contracted tetanus then only one of the three forced shots are actually indicated to work against active infections as per the manufacturer’s literature.  The one shot indicated to work against an active infection(Tetanus immune globulin) asserts ambiguity in efficacy as per the manufacturer’s data, “It is also indicated, although evidence of effectiveness is limited, in the regimen of treatment of active cases of tetanus.”  Furthermore, the Tetanus immune globulin VIS indicates, “Pediatric Use : Safety and effectiveness in the pediatric population have not been established.”

The tetanus immune globulin was never once presented as required for Flint, was not court ordered, was never offered as a treatment option hence was not refused by me, and,  according to the manufacturer’s data, has limited effectiveness in “active cases of tetanus” and is not known to be safe or effective for children.

Furthermore, the court ordered tetanus vaccine appears to be of no consequence in this instant case per manufacturer’s data, “”INDICATIONS AND USAGE: This vaccine is NOT to be used for the treatment of diphtheria or tetanus infection.”

Finally, the parents were never asked to consent to a diphtheria vaccination for Flint, was never informed about the diphtheria procedure, nor was there ever any concern regarding diphtheria presented to me.  Yet, Flint was force vaccinated for diphtheria.

Unclear is how probable cause was established given that the tetanus vaccine will not effect a positive outcome for ongoing tetanus infection per the manufacturer’s literature.  The tetanus vaccine is indicated only for those patients known to NOT have a tetanus infection.
This forced vaccination appears to be a violation of the Nuremberg code. According to the AAPS website: “Safety testing of many vaccines is limited and the data are unavailable for independent scrutiny, so that mass vaccination is equivalent to human experimentation and subject to the Nuremberg Code, which requires voluntary informed consent;” Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

10pm December 5th, 2012
Nurse Julie Lewis delivers orange juice and yogurt. This is the first food Flint has been offered other than his mother’s breast milk.
11pm December 5th, 2012
Flint’s father questions nurse Terrell about a sentence Flint’s father read regarding the tetanus immune globulin data sheet. The sentence reads, “Talk with a healthcare provider before receiving any vaccinations. This medicine may either increase the risk of serious infection or make the vaccination less effective.” Terrell read and reread this sentence then told me he would ask a doctor about then get back with us. Flint’s father never heard another word about this concern. Of course this info was discovered after Flint was taken from our parental custody and forced vaccinated.

12pm December 6th, 2012
Flint’s father asks one of the medical staff, a female nurse, if a meal has ever been ordered for Flint. The nurse indicates that no meals were ever ordered for Flint. Said nurse asks Flint’s father if he would like to have a meal for Flint and a guest ordered. Flint’s father says, “yes”.

1pm December 6th, 2012
Dr. Cartie entered the room to discuss Flint’s discharge. Flint’s mother indicated that Dr. Cartie should not be talking to them since Flint was now in the custody of the state and would not be in the care of his parents upon discharge. Dr. Cartie shrugged and continued speaking as if Flint’s mother’s comments were unimportant. After Dr. Cartie finished his comments, Flint’s grandfather asked, “What about the two other boys that are now involved in this with DFCS” (referring to Flint’s siblings). Again, Dr. Cartie shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s not my concern.”

Two DFCS workers from Macon County (Susan Barr and Karan Albritton) arrived at Flint’s room and took Flint away from his parents to be placed in foster care at an undisclosed location.

Parents and grandfather left the hospital to go back home. Flint’s mother was in tears and was absolutely grief stricken that her child was being stolen from her as were Flint’s father and grandfather. Nurse Donna Masters was also crying and very emotionally distraught as they left. Flint’s mother looked at nurse Donna and asked, “Are you happy now?” to which Donna replied, “No.” Flint’s father felt that Donna was remorseful and hugged her as he left the hospital room without his son. Flint’s father also saw that nurse Kathy was visibly upset in the hall. Nurse Kathy moved to hug Flint’s father and father hugged nurse Kathy in return.

Father, mother, and grandfather were escorted to their car by the hospital head of security. The head of security expressed regret that he was a part of this situation.

December 7th, 2012
A formal complaint is filed against Dr. Richard Cartie (pediatrician) regarding his abuse of power.  Said complaint is filed with the Georgia state medical board  by a cardiac-thoracic surgeon that had a burn rotation at Augusta Burn unit. Said surgeon indicates that the TIG was the only shot that could possibly be of any use in this situation. Said surgeon also indicated to us that Dr. Cartie appeared to have completly lost his “filter”.
Parents were briefly allowed to visit Flint at the Oglethorpe, GA USA DFCS at 10:00am. During this time, Flint’s parents were questioned by Susan Barr. Susan asked to visit Flint’s home and interview their other two children later that afternoon at approximately 2:30 pm. Flint’s parents went to pick up their other two children from their grandparents’ home. Upon arriving at the home Flint’s grandparents
received a call asking that they go to Oglethorpe to have some criminal background checks run so that they might receive temporary custody of Flint while the investigation continued. The grandparents quickly left to do this as the day was drawing to a close (it was a Friday).
After visiting the home and questioning the other children as to their schooling (they are home schooled), their medical care, and their home-life in general, Ms. Barr questioned whether the parents would have a problem with Flint being placed temporarily with his maternal grandmother and grandfather. Both parents agreed that they would prefer this arrangement to the current one (Flint was at the time still in an undisclosed foster home). She further indicated that unless any new information came up, DFCS would be requesting that Flint be returned to his parents at the 72 hour hearing on Dec. 10. Both parents had to sign a “safety plan” in which they agreed for the grandparents to have temporary care of Flint. The safety plan also required that the parents never be alone with Flint.
Later that evening, Flint was taken to his grandparents home to remain in their custody until at least the 72 hour hearing. Flint’s grandmother noticed that Flint was scratching his right arm which was covered by a long sleeved jacket. His grandmother pulled the shirt up to discover that the hospital ID bracelet had not been removed. Said bracelet was much too tight. Flint’s grandmother cut the bracelet off revealing a serious “burn” girding the entire circumference of Flint’s wrist. Photos and video of this wrist trauma document the injury. The wound was treated by Flint’s family. Flint recovered from this injury with a slight scar remaining.

December 10th, 2012
Flint’s grandmother called Macon county DFCS to report the hospital ID wrist injury.
Parents attended the 72 hour hearing today in Americus, Georgia USA.  The judge ruled to allow Flint to go back home with parents under protective orders for 12 months   Odd was that the DFCS attorney argued against the recommendation of the DFCS case workers.  The DFCS case workers recommended for Flint to be placed back with us (the parents) immediately with a 45 day protection order.  The DFCS attorney asserted that he did not agree with the case workers’ assessment and was concerned about the lack of immunizations considering that the child had been in the hospital and was potentially exposed to varied pathogens.  He initially requested a 10 day continuance in foster care, but later reported the case.
workers recommendation with the caveat that he did not agree.

Judge Rambo indicated that this is the first time she has dealt with such a scenario.   The case workers also indicated that this crisis was highly unusual.  Judge Rambo indicated that she was extremely disinclined to return Flint to his parents, but she did eventually rule that he could be reunited with us with a multitude of requirements to be met by us (parent skills training, a child advocate overseeing the home environment, immunization education, and continued oversight by DFCS for 12 months among these).
December 12, 2012
Flint’s wounds followed up in Valdosta.
December 13th, 2012
DFCS worker Karan Albritton is emailed a request for court documents relating to the 72 hour hearing. Karan writes, “I have checked and the court order from the hearing held on 12/10/12 has not been uploaded in our system yet.  As soon as we get it I will email you a copy as requested. ”
December 14th, 2012
According to father’s conversation with court clerk, Ann, the court orders are still not available. Ann said that the court has up to 30 days to produce the court orders.
December 16th, 2012
During the Valdosta follow up visit, Flint’s feet were wrapped in silver impregnated cloth.  Father later reads that this cloth is to be moistened so as to enable ionic exchange.  Said exchange is required to activate the antimicrobial features of the silver cloth.  Father noted that the Valdosta staff did not moisten these silver wraps which led me to inquire as to why this was not done.
Father called the Burn Clinic/Center in Augusta to inquire about the wound care and was put through to Dr. Fred Mullins.  Dr. Mullins indicated that the burn wound itself would provide the necessary moisture enabling the silver cloth’s activation.  Father was satisfied with this explanation and thanked the doctor.  Dr. Mullins indicated that father should not hesitate to call him back should I have any other concerns.
December 17th, 2012
Father speaks with Elois in the Doctors hospital Augusta billing department.  Requested that an itemized bill be sent to him.  Elois indicated that any shots Flint received will be specified on the itemized bill.
Father contacts the burn center in Valdosta at 229-671-2000.  Spoke with JMS nurse manager Jeanie Starns.  Father conveyed to Jeanie his request for Dr. Cartie to not be involved in Flint’s case. Father also indicates that he desires no visual contact between Dr. Cartie, Flint, Flint’s parents.  Jeanie indicated that Dr. Cartie is not currently credentialed to practice at JMS Valdosta.  Father asks Jeanie to please document his request to which Jeanie indicated that she would make note of said request in Flint’s file.
December 18th, 2012
Susan Bar(DFCS worker) visited parents to get consent to verify Flint’s outpatient visits.  During this meeting Susan indicated that Flint was granted medicaid while in state custody.  Furthermore, medicaid was retroactively applied to cover all of Flints medical bills related to his burns.  Susan gave us documentation to this effect.
At no time did Flint’s parents request that any other party pay for Flint’s medical expenses.  In fact, Flint’s father clearly indicated to the Augusta medical staff that he was responsible for Flint’s medical expenses.  The status assigned to Flint’s parents by the medical establishment is referred to as “self-pay”.
Later this day at 5:10 pm father contacted “Courtney” in the Doctor’s Hospital Augusta billing department.  Father told Courtney that he does not consent to any of Flint’s medical information being shared with any insurer or with medicaid.  Courtney indicated that she made note of this on Flint’s account. 
December 19th, 2012
Flint’s has an outpatient follow-up in Valdosta. Father provides a written ,”no-consent / revocation of consent to share medical info with third party payers / insurers” to a physician’s assistant / np named Eric.  Eric indicated that he would take said notice back to Augusta for me and have it filed.
January 3rd, 2013
Another request for court documents is made to Karan. Karan writes, “I am trying to find out something about the court order for you.  I have sent an email to the attorney who handled the case for us and to the clerk of court.  I will let you know as soon as I can.”
January 9th, 2013
Since this incident (the burn and the traumatic separation), Flint has awakened multiple times during the night, most nights, nearly inconsolable until he can tell that his mother and father are there. This type of behavior was not occurring prior to his injuries and removal from his family.
Received a court order via email from Karan Albriton.
Please note: Two “CASA” workers by the names of Stacee Fussell and Estella Lusahe were at the 72 hour hearing. In fact, Stacee and Estella met with us post hearing. Interesting is that the court order fails to mention their presence.
Estella, from CASA, has today, left a voice mail for us to schedule a “visitation” CASA is not mentioned on this latest court order.
Flint’s mother returns call from CASA worker Estella and makes a visitation appointment for Monday 11am.
January 10th, 2013
This narrative is sent to the HSLDA legal counsel.

For more information and to follow this important case, go to or email



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For the past 10 years I have been researching family law, constitutional law dealing with deprivation and DFCS/CPS. While I am not a lawyer, I am a special family rights law Advocate; advocating families who have been disrupted by the department of family and children services.
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4 Responses to The aggravated kidnapping and forced vaccination of baby Flint

  1. Nellie Price says:

    This is too horrible for words! Parents had no say in ANY of the on goings at the time,and it is like they were “bushwacked”into accepting what those people did!!!! What ever became of parental rights????? America is really becoming a police state as they are notifying the world via you tube etc etc etc……….

    Liked by 1 person

    • gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

      Not only that, in the end, I wasn’t charged with ANYTHING no child abuse, no child neglect no NOTHING!!!!


  2. gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

    Same exact way they did me when my son was kidnapped in the hospital. not down to the T but everything said here is exactly how they treat you. They treat you like you committed murder. The powers that be (their house bills) gives them the power to do whatever they want and we as parents have no say so over it. You are right though! those are the exact ways that they were treated. This isn’t just happening in GA either, this is a nationwide thing.


  3. gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

    I had no idea what was going on, and no one even implied to me no matter who I talked to in the hospital, they would not talk to me they ignored me..


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