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Merry Christmas!! Christ was born on Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Georgia Coalition for Child Protection Reform! Long ago, about 2000 years, when King Herod ruled Judea (now part of Israel), God sent the angel Gabriel to a young women who lived in the northern town of Nazareth. … Continue reading

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False Allegations: What the Data Really Show

As the previous paper in this series noted, of the roughly 3.6 million children investigated as a result of reports alleging child abuse every year, more than 2.8 million of them –– nearly four out of five – are victims … Continue reading

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Child Welfare In America – An Overview

Child Welfare In America – An Overview Family preservation is SAFER than foster care. The failings of America’s child welfare system can be summed up by the very rationalization often used to justify the way it works today, an approach … Continue reading

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The Case Against CASA

HOW THE MOST SACRED COW IN CHILD WELFARE HURTS THE CHILDREN IT IS MEANT TO HELP The trade journal Youth Today aptly summed up the appeal of the Court-Appointed Special Advocates Program, noting that CASA “Couldn’t sound more apple pie, … Continue reading

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How you can help reform child welfare (NCCPR)

Some suggestions from Richard Wexler, Executive Director, National Coalition for Child Protection Reform It’s a question we get all the time: “How can I help change the child welfare system?” Below you’ll find a few suggestions, but first, a word … Continue reading

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The Real Reasons for Child Abuse Deaths (NCCPR)

It’s easy enough to see how people can leap to the conclusion that the deaths of children “known to the system” must be the result of “family preservation” or the federal law requiring agencies to make “reasonable efforts” to keep … Continue reading

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Child Welfare Timeline

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON RECENT CHILD WELFARE HISTORY 1961: Congress allows AFDC payments to follow a child into foster care. Previously, such payments were made only to children in their own homes. This makes foster care much cheaper for … Continue reading

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