Being Thankful


As I sit here and ponder on Thanksgiving’s past, I am thankful for all I have. I know their were times that I didn’t have a lot but was still thankful for what I had. So I sit here thinking again, what are you thankful for. I also wonder about other families who aren’t so fortunate to have the things I have. A place to stay to keep warm, food on the table, keeping their families together. I know this is a time of the year where work/jobs are scarce. I pray for those that are less fortunate than myself. I bid you a Happy Thanksgiving and wishing you a fruitful year to come. God Bless you all!!
Paige Roberts


About gacoalition4childprotectionreform1

For the past 10 years I have been researching family law, constitutional law dealing with deprivation and DFCS/CPS. While I am not a lawyer, I am a special family rights law Advocate; advocating families who have been disrupted by the department of family and children services.
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3 Responses to Being Thankful

  1. Nellie says:

    A Very blessed and happy Thanks Giving to you to my Paige! May many people benefit from your prayers as I KNOW I will!


  2. gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

    Thank you Nellie… I have had a blessed Thanksgiving!


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