Brief History of DFACS We Need REFORM Now!

1989- DDA is a 4 Month Old Boy who lays dingy and dirty on the coroners table of Newton County, GA. DDA was removed from his biological parents due to previous abuse issues with other siblings and was placed in DFCS care on the day he was born.

1991-SW was adopted from El Salvador in 1989 only to be murdered by his adoptive father in 1991. There were no follow-up visits to the home. SW was killed for the insurance money.

1996-CM a 3 yr old little man who was murdered by his foster mother in Clayton County GA. CM was killed after being placed in this foster home 2 months earlier. CM is survived by his twin sister KM who was also beaten by the foster parents for wetting their pants.

1998- JM little man who was murdered by the foster mother cause of death shaken baby syndrome he also had bruises on his cheek, forehead, back and legs. Atlanta, GA

1999-SC 7 yr old sweetie that was stomped to death by her prospective adoptive father/ foster parent. All over a Cheerleader Barbie in Morgan County GA

1999-OS 1 yr old boy who was killed by his parents by being immersed in boiling water and beaten about the face and head. Fulton County GA DFCS visited the home 11 times before the death of OS.

2004- MD was adopted from China to later be beaten to death by her adoptive mother. Forsyth County GA

2005-AB 12 yr old girl who was placed into an adoptive home against her wishes. AB committed suicide to avoid the forced adoption from going through by jumping into traffic. LaFayette, GA

2006-AK 3 yr old boy who was murdered by his adoptive mother. He had only been adopted less than 1 month. The biological mother pleaded with the state to allow the grandmother to care for the child. Another forced adoption and another dead child DFCS in Bacon County GA believed the adoption would be better than with the biological family relative.

2007- PD and JD placed into an adoptive home in McDonough County GA were severely beaten with belts, a miniature baseball bat, bamboo rod, in addition the children were also forced to do excessive exercise 15 laps around the yard before they could have breakfast food was withheld. The medical examiner found several bruises and over healed fractures on the children. (They survived and were removed from the adoptive parents home) The Children suffered this abuse for 4 years.

2008- Three children adotped in Loganville, GA suffered extreme abuse from their adoptive mother who received a stipend of $1600.00 per child in addition to her disability checks. The children would go 3+ days without eating, the children (Ages 17, 15, and 14) were beaten with extension cords the children were also prohibited from using the phone, having friends or visiting with friends.

2008- JS 9 Month old little girl who died in the care of her foster mother who left her in the car for 2 1/2 hours. Jackson County DFCS removed the child after her mother asked for assistance with her bi-polar disorder. JS was left in the car while the foster mother unloaded 3 yr old twins and then fell asleep leaving JS in the vehicle. JS parents were scheduled to re-gain custody of their child 2 weeks later instead they had to bury their daughter.

2009- JP was a 2 yr old little boy who was beaten to death by his mothers boyfriend. JP’s father pleaded with DFCS to investigate several times out of concern for his two children. JP and his twin sister were adopted from Guatamala. In addition the killer was also a convicted sex offender that failed to register from the state of PA. The sister has been placed with her adoptive father.

2009-CJ a 6 yr old boywas adopted in through DFCS in 2008 in Walton County GA. Many relatives pleaded and tried to obtain custody of CJ all were denied by DFCS. On Christmas Eve of 2009. CJ was brutally beaten to death, because of his excitement over the holiday.

2011- DFCS of Georgia failed to protect a blind and mentally handicapped boy. The 16 yr old boy was taken to the hospital where it was discovered his organs were shuting down and his body was in septic shock, he had 1 black eye, and his arms, chest and legs were spotted with bruises.

2011- AL a 19 month old little girl who was adopted in Decatur, GA was beaten to death by her adoptive parents who recently adopted the child 4 months earlier. Muscogee County Coroner stated it was the worse case of child abuse he had ever seen. The child had injuries to her head, back and was bruised in several areas.

2012- DF 15 yr old girl who was adopted through DFCS endured years of abuse and neglect including being kept in an outhouse, and a Chicken coop. The adoptive parents would keep her in a padlocked shed in the back yard for days, and would withhold food. For failing to complete her chores or school assignments the child has since been removed from the home.

2012- 5 Children adopted from Guatamala by a mayor and his wife in a small town located inside of Columbia County GA were sexually assaulted by their adoptive father. The children were removed from the home. The adoptive father has been convicted and sentenced to 20 yrs in jail. The children have since returned to their adoptive mother.

The system of DFCS with their secrecy and their “policies” have failed many children for many years. It is time we make changes to the system. The corruption of these case workers with their lack of any child rearing experience is causing more problems and deaths and it needs to be stopped.

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10 Responses to Brief History of DFACS We Need REFORM Now!

  1. gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

    Very Nice, keep up the great work in writing 🙂


  2. gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

    I’d use some of this in our speech


  3. amanda says:

    Omg all those poor children hurt and murdered by adoptive parents is sad Why, is there not something done about this, So do cps not do background checks home inspections?


    • gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

      I think they don’t because they don’t care as long as they are making money off of them 😦 Is sad I know but if we don’t step up and do something about this broken system vulnerable children will always be killed by fosters. I don’t think they do a thorough background or either they take it with a grain of salt. When my son was in foster care we asked about the foster parents. We know that they are suppose to go to the home and do an in house inspection and the social workers direct quote was “we trust them” what kind of bull is that? They are also suppose to visit their homes during the child’s stay. I’m fixing to start up a court watchers group in GA if anyone is interested please let me know. The more we have the merrier. Thank you so much for posting to GA coalition for child protection reform.


  4. Crystal says:

    Is there any specific place these came from? Not that I do not believe you I would just like to know what or who your source it.


    • kleahey1 says:

      All of the above listed stories are from actual news reports. Via television and newspapers. We have worked diligently to verify all information with court proceedings and with jail records.


  5. gacoalition4childprotectionreform1 says:

    Reblogged this on .


  6. Lawanda Williams says:

    My son died in DCF care and they let the lady go but I’m gonna fight them what they did to my son


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