Day 3:Brainstorm

So, I decided to make “brainstorming” a part of my daily routine right before bed time, well nightly routine 🙂

I figured doing this will at least keep me writing and maybe keep you from getting writers block.  It keeps my mind fresh if that makes sense.  Think I will write about me of course haha.  NO, but really that’s what you do when you brainstorm didn’t you know this?  I think I will like blogging once I can come up with different topics to write on.  I think what I am trying to accomplish is getting to know who my audience is.  I just wonder though, if you don’t have a particular genre audience how do you determine what topis to use and how to start your writing.

The main reason for this blog is for public awareness about child protective service or in my case (in GA) DFACS.  Of course one may think that all that information is just jargon.  But I feel that if the more people know about this that maybe someone will hear us.  It shouldn’t be too hard but the more people and parents we have for this then the more I think GOVERNMENT (namely the governor) and others will stop this nonsense.  All this is is basically trafficking children (buying and selling)  REALLY it is what it is.  The more the public knows about Government abuse well – ….   I hope they will listen to us as well and see the horror in this thing we call our GOVERNMENT!!

About gacoalition4childprotectionreform1

For the past 10 years I have been researching family law, constitutional law dealing with deprivation and DFCS/CPS. While I am not a lawyer, I am a special family rights law Advocate; advocating families who have been disrupted by the department of family and children services.
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