My thoughts, My life

A hateful personality genuinely means that you are not happy in your own life. Instead of spreading the hate why not fix what is making you unhappy and spread the love!!!!

I’ve made mistakes in my life, I’ve let people take advantage of me and and I accepted way less that I deserve! However, I’ve learned from my bad choices and even though there are some things I cannever get back and people who will never be sorry, I’ll know better next time and I wont settle for anything less than I deserve!! ❤


About gacoalition4childprotectionreform1

For the past 10 years I have been researching family law, constitutional law dealing with deprivation and DFCS/CPS. While I am not a lawyer, I am a special family rights law Advocate; advocating families who have been disrupted by the department of family and children services.
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